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Material: bronze, metal and rock crystal pendants
Photo finish: silver
Light arms: 12
Dimensions: H 140 x D 95 cm / H 55.1 x D 37.4″
Weight with crystal: 60 kg
Third picture: gold 18 carats finish and clear crystal


This chandelier is an original variation of the chain models that could be found in the 18th century, like the one with the torch, from the Louis XVI period, in the Palace of Versailles.
On a central openwork bowl surmounted by a metal dagger, twelve arms of light are distributed.
These support each a cup in the center of which blooms a flower bud.
Four arms starting from the central dagger connect, thanks to chains, the central cup to a small tray decorated with rosettes and tassels.
These same tassels are repeated under the cup and on the arms of light.
This composition creates two superimposed parts, a first one in bronze, very light by the spacing of the arms and a second one in crystal, more filled, like a forest.

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Finitions bronze

OR 18
Or 18K
Or 24K
Or maison
Bronze antique
Argent oxydé


Cristal de roche - classique
Cristal clair
Lapis lazuli
Cristal de roche - rose
Cristal antique
Œil de tigre
Cristal de roche - fumé
Cristal or
Cristal de bohème