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Material: bronze and antique color crystal
Photo finish: silver
Light arms: 6
Dimensions: H 100 x D 75 cm / H 39.4 x D 29.5″

Available : 1


This chandelier, decorated with a real lace of crystal balls, is typical of the balloon models (then simply called lace chandelier) of the 18th century.

It can thus be linked to the one in the king’s apartment at the Château de Versailles.

On a structure with a central shaft, finely chiseled, that one guesses by its golden splinters, six arms of light emerge from the assembly of lace.

The spiral curve at the end of these carries a cup and a wick in the shape of a cup.

A crown, formed by the laces, completes the set.

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Finitions bronze

OR 18
Or 18K
Or 24K
Or maison
Bronze antique
Argent oxydé


Cristal de roche - classique
Cristal clair
Lapis lazuli
Cristal de roche - rose
Cristal antique
Œil de tigre
Cristal de roche - fumé
Cristal or
Cristal de bohème