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Material: bronze
Photo finish: oxidized silver
Light arms: 12
Dimensions: H 130 x D 90 cm / H 51.2 x D 35.4″
Weight without crystal: 21 kg


This chandelier is inspired by models made by Charles André Boulle at the beginning of the 18th century, like the chandelier dating from 1700 kept in the Mathieu Museum or the one from 1710 in the castle of Champs sur Marne.

A central shaft, decorated in its center with bronze rosette-shaped pendants and crystal drops, supports twelve curved, finely chiseled arms of light.

The latter, covered with plant ornaments and arabesques, are also decorated with pendants.

The plant theme is continued on the shaft, which ends in a bunch of grapes, and on the ornamental tier, on which ears of wheat fall towards the outside of the chandelier.

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Finitions bronze

OR 18
Or 18K
Or 24K
Or maison
Bronze antique
Argent oxydé


Cristal de roche - classique
Cristal clair
Lapis lazuli
Cristal de roche - rose
Cristal antique
Œil de tigre
Cristal de roche - fumé
Cristal or
Cristal de bohème