ID 2LIO7644-3 Category Style

Material: bronze
Photo finish: 18K gold
Light arms: 3
Dimensions: H 76 x W 44 x D 28 cm / H 29,8 x W 17,3 x D 11″


Like many animal motifs, the lion was highly prized by 18th century ornamentalists. It can be found in a 1788 arm of light by Pierre Thomire in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or in a 1788 arm of light by Louis Gabriel Feloix in the Wallace Collection.
Surmounted by a lion’s head whose mane spreads over the sconce, this model is composed of a chiseled bronze cartouche ending with rocaille ornaments.
Three arms of light rise from the center of the cartouche, emerging from a leaf of palmettes, punctuated by a cup placed on a flower, carrying the wick. The whole, in gilded bronze, mixes neo-classical symmetry and rocaille ornaments, in a synthesis of the Louis XV style.

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Finitions bronze

OR 18
Or 18K
Or 24K
Or maison
Bronze antique
Argent oxydé


Cristal de roche - classique
Cristal clair
Lapis lazuli
Cristal de roche - rose
Cristal antique
Œil de tigre
Cristal de roche - fumé
Cristal or
Cristal de bohème