ID LUS-PALMIER-10 Category Style

Material: bronze and crystal
Photo finish: nickel
Light arm: 10
Dimensions: H 85 x D 45 cm / H 33,5 x D 17,7″
Weight with crystal: 76 kg

Available : 1


This chandelier is inspired by the famous palm model of Josef Hoffmann (architect and designer member of the Viennese Secession).

However, he also mixes the influence of the eighteenth century with the motif of the torch, present for example on the chandelier with the Louis XVI torch of the Palace of Versailles.

On a finely chiseled torch with a pearly flame, three palm leaves, adorned with crystal drops, carry the different lights, repeated on the lower level by three thinner leaves.

Three chains, hanging from the main leaves, support the torch and connect it to an ornamental tier of small palmettes and crystal drops.

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