Who are we ?

Since 1994, the founders of Ombres et Facettes have had a passion for exceptional pieces of decorative arts. The chandlery Ombres et Facettes is located in a small village in the Loire Valley, between Blois and Orleans, near the castle of Chambord, it is also present at the Marché aux Puces de Saint Ouen, the Mecca of Parisian antique dealers and French luxury.

Our passion and our technical expertise lead us to restore and reproduce antique lighting fixtures, with the aim of safeguarding and enhancing the beauty of the collection. The safeguarding of this artistic heritage is one of the missions given by the founders of the chandelier, perpetuated through the respect and enhancement of the craft of excellence.

Concerned with producing exceptional pieces, we work primarily on a custom basis. In close collaboration with architects and decorators, we adapt our works to the places for which they are intended, in order to best meet your expectations and to magnify the space.

The activity of the chandlery is articulated around three fields: the creation, the re-edition and the restoration of luminaries.

Our creations are directly inspired by the traditions of bronze and the great names of crystal chandeliers of the early eighteenth century, the nineteenth century, Boulle, Thomire, and many others. Period of splendor of the French court, whose hall of mirrors of Versailles inaugurates the radiation in all Europe, the XVIIIth century marks indeed a moment of apogee of the art chandelier.

Adapting our creations to current tastes, we reinterpret classic models by basing our designs on archival materials or by selecting our ideas from photographs of old models. We also create contemporary models, mixing the craftsmanship and the taste for noble materials with modern lines and design.